An Adventure: Hurricane Evacuation with Elderly Parents

Hurricane evacuation with elderly parents.

Hurricane Florence was a threat to Charleston, S.C.,  where I live — and where my 91- and 93-year-old parents’ retirement center is — so when the South Carolina governor issued a mandatory evacuation in September 2018, we had to head inland. I lost everything I owned 29 years before in Hurricane Hugo, so I didn’t even consider staying home! Continue reading

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15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

If you’re an avid reader, there’s nothing worse than to finish a book and not have another one waiting. Check out 15 ways to find good books to read. Continue reading

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First Acupuncture Experience: It Didn’t Hurt


I’ve always been curious about acupuncture and have friends who swear it cures about everything you can think of. So when a new franchise acupuncture place opened nearby and offered a free first acupuncture session, I jumped at the chance. Continue reading

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Buy Unassembled Furniture and Pay Someone to Assemble the Furniture via

Buy Unassembled and Pay Someone to Assemble the Furniture via
Several months ago, my parents needed a new dresser in their apartment in the retirement community where they live. They didn’t want to pay big bucks – but I didn’t want them to use a raggedy dresser from a thrift store– and we found the perfect solution. I bought them a high quality wood dresser on the Wayfair web site for about $300, and was able to pay someone to assemble the furniture. Continue reading

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Major Elder Care Challenge: Accompanying Hearing-Impaired Parents to Medical Appointments

Major Elder Care Challenge: Accompanying Hearing-Impaired Parents to Medical Appointments
I am so blessed to have two parents in their nineties who live in an independent living retirement community nearby (with a lot of help from me).  My biggest elder care challenge — as a single person with a demanding full-time job– is accompanying my profoundly hearing-impaired parents to medical visits.
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Big Talk Meetup Group: Great Opportunity to Discuss Deep Subjects

big talk meetup group great way to discuss deep subjects

Do you ever have the urge to discuss the meaning of life? Or delve into deep subjects like friendship, love, kindness, the best things in life, etc., and there just isn’t anyone to talk to? In my town, a Big Talk Meetup group was created for just that purpose; it’s open to people of all ages – and membership is free. Joining one is a great way to meet new people and have stimulating conversations. Continue reading

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19 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

19 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

I’m a definite Type A personality and have had anxiety — the most common mental illness in the U.S.  — since my 20s; my particular symptom is a tingling or aching from my left shoulder down my arm. Fortunately, people around me don’t know when I have it and I don’t generally get it very often — might be 8 or 9 months in-between events. But when I do get it, it doesn’t feel good! Here are 19 ways to reduce anxiety — things that work for me.  If they work for me, they may work for you! Continue reading

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Stretching for Health and Fitness — the Latest Trend

Stretching for Health and Fitness

Stretching for health and fitness is the latest trend — and businesses are springing up everywhere to help athletes – and nonathletes – understand the importance of stretching. Besides improving health and fitness and reducing the risk of injury,  stretching feels good!

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Norwegian Cruise Line: Pros and Cons

Norwegian Cruise Line Pros and ConsI’m an enthusiastic cruiser who’s taken about 20 cruises on four major cruise lines (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival) in my lifetime. A friend and I recently completed my first Norwegian cruise on the Norwegian Spirit and compiled a list of Norwegian Cruise Line pros and cons (good and bad features). Continue reading

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Beautiful Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona
Beautiful Barcelona is one of the coolest places on the planet! The architecture is stunning – and the buildings and parks created by famed artist Antoni Gaudi are fun and funky, too. Continue reading

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