Thrift Store Treasures #7

thrift store treasures 7

Here are some great finds I came across during the last month in local thrift stores:

Polka-dotted camera case $2.99 (estimated retail $10)

Thrift store treasures #7

An Old Navy light-weight cotton knit cardigan — $3.99 (estimated retail $20)

Thrift store treasures #7

Merona printed cardigan sweater – $3.99 (sold at Target for $20)

Merona printed cardigan - $3.99 (sold at Target for $20)

Black and white blazer — by Croft&Borrow – $3.99 (estimated retail $40)

Thrift store treasures #7


Polka-dotted scarf – $1.25 (estimated retail $10)

Thrift store treasures #7
Large plastic photo case (for scrapbooking) $2.99 (estimated retail $20)

Thrift store treasures #7

Relic purse  – $4.99 (estimated retail $30)

Thrift store treasures #7

In all, the purchases cost $24.25, and the retail price for the items was approximately $150, resulting in a savings of $125.75. Pretty good thrift store treasures, huh?

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