43 Money-Saving Tips

43 money saving tips

Here are some money-saving tips I practice; hope you’ll be able to benefit from some of them!

  1.  Install a programmable thermostat and raise the temperature for air conditioning while you’re gone or sleeping
  2. Install a well and use it to water the lawn. The water is free — and you get paid back for the cost of the well and way more over the years.
  3. Take advantage of military and/or senior discounts. Be sure to inquire about them at all businesses you patronize.
  4. Some movie theaters offer discounts on certain days of the week or during certain hours; be sure to inquire about them.
  5. Discounted haircuts and other services, such as massages and manicures, are often available at local cosmetology schools.
  6. Discounted massages are often available from local massage therapy schools and/or technical schools.
  7. Some gas stations sell insulated cups (like the Roo Cup available every spring at Kangaroo) and offer drink refills at extremely low prices ($.25)for several months afterwards.
  8. Register for Groupon discounts, Living Social discounts, or other discounts online. You’ll receive emails periodically on a variety of products and services at reasonable prices.
  9. Carry packets of flavoring, such as Wyler’s Lite, (available from dollar stores) and mix them in water when eating out
  10. Some grocery stores sell discounted gasoline cards when you purchase a certain dollar amount from the store; check those out
  11. Some gas station convenience stores offer gasoline discounts when you purchase products there, sign up for their card and show it when buying items
  12. Some grocery stores offer “double coupon” days periodically, where they double the amount of manufacturer’s coupons up to a certain dollar limit.
  13. Color your own hair instead of going to a hair stylist.
  14. Borrow DVDs from the library – both movies and   TV series on DVD.
  15. For annual expenses of more than a hundred dollars, put 1/12 of the amount in a special savings or (free) checking account each month. When the bill is due, there’s no panic or scrambling for the money – you already have it.
  16. Several major grocery stores offer free 10-14 day prescription antibiotics.
  17. Before heading for discount stores for health and beauty products and certain types of foods, check out stores where everything is a dollar first to see if they stock the items.
  18. Many restaurants have a special Kids Night where children eat free (often it’s Tuesday).
  19. Shop at thrift stores for clothing, furniture and household items. It’s like a treasure hunt and you never know what you’re going to find!
  20. Shop at garage sales. You have to get up early on Saturdays, but the savings is often worth it.
  21. Pay credit cards in full each month, if possible, to avoid interest charges.
  22. Charge everything on a credit card that offers money-back rebates or airline miles.
  23. Get overdraft protection on your checking account. It may cost $20 a year or so for the service, but a single overdraft fee can be $32 or more, and you may also get hit with a charge from the person to whom you wrote the check.
  24. Trade books at local book trading shops.
  25. Buy used books online, instead of new (Amazon is a good source; often books are .01 and shipping is $3.99.)
  26. Pack your lunch for work instead of eating out.
  27. Try generic products instead of brand-name.
  28. Before patronizing a business like a repair garage, check their website to see if they offer any discount coupons.
  29. Swap babysitting with friends or form a babysitting coop.
  30. Install a water-saving showerhead.
  31. Use the back side of “goofed-up” print jobs for scrap paper.
  32. Buy items on sale in bulk to stock up.
  33. Buy childen’s clothes at a huge discount at the end of the season, allowing for a year’s growth.
  34. Refill printer cartridges at local shops instead of buying brand-name new cartridges at full price. Returning empty cartridges often reduces the price by $3 or more.
  35. Find a discount dry cleaner and use them exclusively.
  36. Use dry-cleaner-like products, such as Dryel, in your dryer to freshen clothing instead of dry cleaning items often.
  37. Buy bread products at a local dollar store or a day-old bakery and freeze extras.
  38. Cancel the newspaper subscription and read it online or at the library.
  39. Begin to use mail order prescriptions under your company’s insurance plans, if available, instead of filling prescriptions at a local drugstore; it’s much cheaper.
  40. Buy “forever” stamps at the post office, since they can be used alone even if postage rates increase in the future.
  41. Discontinue your monthly video rental plan, or downgrade to a plan that costs less.
  42. For upcoming gift-giving occasions, buy less expensive gifts, make gifts, or give  coupons for services you provide.
  43. If you need a frame for a picture or poster, check the local thrift stores and garage sales. Simply remove the existing picture and use the frame. It’s much cheaper than going to a frame shop and buying one!

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