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Thrift Store Treasures #9 — Great Bargain Finds

The pace of my thrift store shopping has slowed a little, but my excitement about thrift store treasures will never diminish!

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Thrift Store Treasures #8

There’s nothing like wearing bright spring colors again after a long winter, is there?

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Top 20 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Here are 20 great thrift store shopping tips:

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The Sisterhood of Thrift Store Shoppers

Nearly every Friday after work I swing by the best thrift store in town before going home. It’s only about two miles away. Tonight’s trip was really fun; everyone in the store wanted to chat.

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Thrift Store Treasures #4

Spent about $34 last weekend and bought the following thrift store treasures: 1) 3 pairs of identical leather slingback shoes ($5.99 each) in beige, blue and black (like new) 2) A pair of bright blue leather shoes ($4.99) – great condition

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Thrift Store Treasures: What I Did NOT Buy

Thrift stores have some fantastic buys, ya can’t deny that. But they also have some weird stuff.

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Thrift Store Treasures #1

Thought I’d start a regular feature about the great things I find at thrift stores – starting with today’s treasures. For $17.09, I got the following items at Goodwill: 1) Two, brand new-in-the-original-package round silver towel bars (to replace the … Continue reading

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Wild Hair

This woman was standing in front of me in line at the thrift store yesterday. (My friend J and I hit five thrift stores in a row and found some good buys!) She was about 5’2″ and her hair actually … Continue reading

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Twenty of the Best Bargains of My Life

I’ve always been an avid shopper – starting at the age of ten. My mom and sister and I would go to the big department stores in downtown Pittsburgh and split up and meet in a few hours. The stores … Continue reading

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How to Decorate Your Home with Extremely Low-Cost Framed Prints

The cheapest way to hang nice-looking framed prints in your home is to buy them at a yard sale or thrift store. I was able to get the three prints in my living room, which have similar frames (gold wood) … Continue reading

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