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Cat Lovers Unite: Funny Cat Sayings

Saw this on a plaque recently and thought it was very funny — in a dark way… And this message on a greeting card was good, too.

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TT&T Friday Favorites – Sept. 16

I pilfered this idea, and admit it… One of my favorite bloggers (Jillee from One Good  Thing by Jillee) writes an occasional post very similar to this, and I thought it’d be a fun way to discuss memorable things I … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Mistakes: #6 in a Series

Every time I write a blog post about embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, I think I’ve captured them all. But no, somehow there are always more… 

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Bored with Life? The Ultimate Boredom Buster Guide will Energize You

“I’m bored.”  How many times did you whine those words as a kid? When I did, my mom would run through a list of possibilities. Ride your bike, take a walk, play tennis, read a book….  If I didn’t latch … Continue reading

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See the USA and Create a Map of All The Places You’ve Been

The next time you’re sitting around with family and friends, pull up this website for an entertaining activity and a great conversation starter. It’s fun and it doesn’t cost a cent!

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Childhood Activities Adults Still Love

Come on, admit it. There are  some things from your childhood you still love.

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Brave Women Go Places Alone

Women like to go places and do things with other women because they enjoy each other’s company. (And men have always joked that women even go to the restroom together at social events.) And, of course, women enjoy going out … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Treasures #8

There’s nothing like wearing bright spring colors again after a long winter, is there?

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Celebrating Spring in the South with Green Snow

March 21 is the first official day of spring — and while Northerners are still getting the white stuff, we’re celebrating spring in the South with — green snow!

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The Old Lady Hobble: When You Sit for a Long Time, Then Walk

After sitting for an extended time, when you get up, do you do the old lady hobble for the first few steps?

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