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Thrift Store Treasures #9 — Great Bargain Finds

The pace of my thrift store shopping has slowed a little, but my excitement about thrift store treasures will never diminish!

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How to Get a 5 Percent Discount Every Day at 3 Popular Stores

Many stores have occasional sales, but these three stores are unique because they give you  5 percent off the purchase price of everything you buy every day.

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12 Inexpensive Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

I’m scheduled to take a trip-of-a-lifetime cruise  this year and am intent on finding inexpensive ways to learn a foreign language before I go. My goal is to learn as much Spanish as possible beforehand sailing around South America – … Continue reading

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Check Out New Amazon Prints — Inexpensive Prints AND Free Shipping

If you have Amazon Prime and love it as much as I do, check out Amazon Prints for photo printing.

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Bargain Gardening: 12 Ways to Save Money on Flower Gardens and Gardening Supplies

Planting flowers and enjoying their colorful blossoms during the spring and summer is something a lot of people love. But it can be expensive. Bargain gardening is the way to go. Here are 12 ways to save money on flower … Continue reading

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Thrift Store Treasures #8

There’s nothing like wearing bright spring colors again after a long winter, is there?

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7 Things You May Not Know about Fitbit

Fitbits are so helpful in providing motivation to be more active! I’ve been using one for more than two years now and discovered some interesting Fitbit facts you may not know.

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Amazon Prime on Sale Through Jan. 17: One Year Membership $73 (Instead of $99) for New Members!

I’ve really, really been wanting to get Amazon Prime for a while, but the $99 price put me off. Kept thinking… if only they would put it on sale — and they did!

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How to Save Money on Dry Cleaning

What’s the best way to launder dry-clean-only clothes at the lowest price?

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Seven Ways I Saved Money in September

Just when you think you’ve saved all the money you can, you come across something else. This month I:

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