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Money Saving Christmas Gift Idea #2 – Zip it Drain Cleaner

When you find a product at the right price that really does the job – you’ve just gotta spread the word. If your sink or bathtub is not draining properly, the Zip it Drain Cleaner — a low-tech gizmo that costs … Continue reading

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Celebrating Ten Thousand Blog Hits in Six Months

Gee, I guess the title said it all, right? Anyway, I’m thrilled to have gotten more than 10,000 (!!!) hits on Thoughts, Tips and Tales in a little over six months since its inception (six months and six days, to … Continue reading

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Use Unpleasant Credit Card and Earn a Free Cruise

A friend recently told me about how, over the years, she and her husband charged all the things that were particularly distasteful – pap tests, plumbers’ bills, tires for the car, etc. – on a credit card offered by Carnival … Continue reading

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25 Adult Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

Advent calendars have been used to mark the days until Christmas for thousands of years. Today, they’ve become a fun way for kids and adults alike to count down the days in December — and they offer you a chance to … Continue reading

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News Updates about Christmas Shopping Bargains

Everybody wants to save money when buying holiday gifts, right? Did you know that… Walmart is abandoning the one-day-only “Black Friday” sales and will offer its best deals over a five-day period beginning the last week of November this year? … Continue reading

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December Daily — a Fun Way to Document the Holidays

A great way to record precious memories and capture the best of December is to create a December Daily scrapbook. You can set up album pages with background paper in November and create a tentative list of some of the … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World

Isn’t it amazing sometimes how people you know show up in the strangest places? Here are some examples: 1) Years ago, we got a new minister at church; he seemed to have a great sense  of humor and he introduced … Continue reading

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Amazon Echo — the Coolest Christmas Gift of 2014

— **Update Jan. 13, 2015: I registered to be “invited” to buy the Echo in early November and, for two months, when I checked my account on Amazon, it said this: Thank you for your request. If selected, you will … Continue reading

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2014 Nissan Sentra Review

Have owned 4 Nissans now – two bought from the dealer, and two bought used – and they’ve proven to be reliable, long-lasting cars. Here’s my review of the new 2014 Sentra I bought about a month ago — comparing it … Continue reading

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Fitbit Fun — Ten Months Later

Got a Fitbit Force fitness tracker for Christmas 2013 (although it was backordered and didn’t arrive til late January 2014) and I can truly say I’ve loved it. It’s helped me greatly increase my activity level! I’ve worn it 24/7 for ten … Continue reading

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