Sports and Hobbies: How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime? 79 So Far…

Sports and Hobbies -- How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime?

Recently wrote a blog post about the many crafts I’ve done through the years and realized I’ve also gone through an extreme number of non-craft hobby “phases,” too.

Here’s a list of sports and hobbies I’ve done so far:

1) Writing

2) Blogging

3) Gardening

4) Pole dancing / fitness

5) Stand-up paddleboarding

6) Kayaking

7) Canoeing

8) Walking

9) Tennis

10) Golf

11) Mini-golf

12) Horseshoes

13) Couponing

14) Acting

15) Ice skating

16) Zumba

17)  Body Pump

18) Dragon boating

19) Chair dancing

20) Lego building (when my son was young)

21) Reading

22) Singing

23) Playing the piano

24) Ping pong

25) Sudoku

26) Crossword puzzles

27) Yoga

28) Baseball (when my son was young)

29) Basketball (when my son was young)

30) Trampoline

31) Football (when my son was young)

32) Bicycling

33) Running

34) Roller skating

35) Badminton (my team won the semi-finals women’s doubles competition in college!)

36) Kite flying

37) Rock / wall climbing

38) Sand sculpting

39) Shopping / bargain hunting

40) Yard saling

41) Pool / billiards

42) Chess (when my son was young)

43) Line dancing

44) Darts

45) Volleyball

46) Weightlifting

47) Online dating (is that a hobby???)

48) Travel

49) Ziplining

50) Skiing

51) Fundraising

52) Camping (only once!)

53) Recycling

54) Belly dancing

55) Bowling

56) Dodgeball

57) Kickball (elementary school)

58) Jump roping

59) Kite flying

60) Lawn darts

61) Snuba — a cross between scuba diving and snorkeling (only once! Almost drowned!)

62) Marbles (elementary school)

63) Ballet

64) Board games

65) Foosball

66) Aikido

67) Hiking

68) Do-it-yourself home improvements

69) Playing the guitar

70) Croquet

71) Air hockey

72) Snorkeling

73) Swimming

74) Jazzercise

75) Horseshoes

76) Lawn darts

77) Kickboxing

78) Body Step

79) Barre

Sports to try soon:

1) Archery

2) Frisbee disk golf

Am always on the lookout for new and interesting athletic endeavors and activities to try, too — so there will be more!

What sports and hobbies have you done? What are your favorites? And what do you want to try next?

Here’s a list of 308 everyday hobbies you might want to dive into…as well as a peek into some celebrity hobbies.

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29 Responses to Sports and Hobbies: How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime? 79 So Far…

  1. Elisa says:

    Your ping-pong adventures are really funny!

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