Rage Room: Relieve Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

If you’re like me,  people have been telling you not to break things and “be a good girl” your whole life. Visiting a rage room allows you to break free of those constraints — and it’s a great stress reliever, too! As soon as I started reading about rage rooms springing up around the U.S., I was intrigued. What if you suddenly had permission to take a club to a big pile of glass items — and intentionally break them? Could you even do it?

My friend — who’s pretty much up for anything — and I booked a visit to The Break Room in  Charleston just two weeks after it opened. We decided on a two-person BYOB (bring your own breakables) package for $19.95 per person for 15 minutes.

We thought gathering breakables beforehand would by easy and cheap, but it turned out a week wasn’t very much time to scrounge through our houses and the lowest thrift store prices on dishes, mugs, glasses and other items were $1 each.

Our goal was to see what it felt like to break a variety of things — dishes, cups, mugs, bottles, mason jar, and more — so we needed an ample supply.

Hate to admit this, but I finally resorted to visiting the nearest recycling bin and taking things out of it — mostly wine and beer bottles — because The Break Room’s website assured visitors that everything was recycled.

I figured two mild-mannered women turned loose could probably break a whole lot of things in 15 minutes.

Going to a rage room was something I was really excited about doing, too — because it was totally out of character. The most rage-filled activity I’ve ever done was to punch a pillow.

Suddenly, during the week leading up to the adventure I mentally pictured myself breaking everything I saw… What would it feel like? (My friend commented she’s never seen me this excited about anything.)

Saturday afternoon came and we were the only customers there. The man behind the counter provided two Ghostbusters-style black jumpsuits, heavy gloves and two helmets with full plastic face shields. Then we hauled in our boxes of breakables — including an old printer (and our cameras to document the destruction).

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

The Break Room allows customers to play their own rage music — but we asked them to play AC/DC because we didn’t have any frenzy-inducing music handy.

The employee set a timer clock on the wall of the smallish rectangular warehouse-type room and explained we could set our breakables on a small bedstand-type table in the middle of the room. And we could choose our own implements of destruction — metal baseball bats, crowbars, and golf clubs stored in the corner.

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

Before the music began, my friend and I agreed not to hit each other!

We piled items one by one on the table and it took no time at all to get into it! Whacking a wine bottle with a baseball bat made such a satisfying sound! It really felt amazing to see the shattering glass  — and the glass spray was incredible!

The act of breaking stuff was so liberating, too. (And who’s ever swung a crowbar at anything before?)

Rage Room: Relieve Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

After smashing a lot of bottles, we took turns tossing plates in the air in an arc (kind of like skeet shooting) for the other person to hit. That was really fun!

The 15 minutes went fast, with a couple time-outs for photo/video breaks from the hallway through the little glass window in the door.

And by the time the timer hit zero, nothing was left in our rage room but piles of glass. Everywhere.

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

And we were really hot and sweaty… The fan outside the door felt heavenly.

Rage Room: Release Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

If you get a chance to go to a rage room, try it. You’ll never know the wild ‘n crazy rule-breaker that may lie within.

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4 Responses to Rage Room: Relieve Stress, Stop Being a Good Girl

  1. Carolann says:

    wow, that is so cool! I never heard of a rage room before. What a great way to release anxiety and frustration!
    Carolann recently posted…What Makes Hiring a Home Cleaning Service Worth the Cost?My Profile

  2. Elisa says:

    Do you watch Gray’s Anatomy? They had a few scenes tonight where people were throwing things to relieve frustration, and it looked very satisfying.

    It’s wonderful you have a good friend to go and do these crazy things with you!

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