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Thrift Store Treasures: What I Did NOT Buy

Thrift stores have some fantastic buys, ya can’t deny that. But they also have some weird stuff.

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Thrift Store Adventures Save Big Bucks and Count as Retail Therapy, Too

Does shopping at thrift stores count as retail therapy? 🙂 Heck, yes! Where else can you can save money and have an adventure at the same time? Make every trip extra exciting by taking along a friend, splitting up to … Continue reading

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Mishaps and Fun on a Charleston Walking Tour

**This is not a sponsored blog post; I just really like this book! M, one of my best friends, wrote a fabulous walking tour book of historic Charleston, S.C. called Charleston from a Kid’s-Eye View: The interactive walking tour book … Continue reading

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Boost Happiness: Bring Back Fun Activities that Fell Along the Wayside

Realized recently that there are quite a few activities I adore but rarely make time to do. It’s time to pump up the happiness quotient and bring on more joy! My neglected “fun things to do” list is below — … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – Version 1, Silly Stories

I’ve never been big on hugging or kissing anyone but my son or the man in my life. My girlfriends all tease me about my “problem” – especially after I revealed that one time the minister told everyone to hug … Continue reading

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Antenna Balls: Finding Your Vehicle in a Crowded Parking Lot

Have you ever walked frantically around a large parking lot looking for your car? If so, you’ve gotta love antenna balls! They come in all shapes, sizes and designs — from Mickey Mouse to happy faces. You just push them … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Everyone Name Their Car?

I always name my cars; doesn’t everyone? After all, you spend a lot of time together. When I was a kid, my parents referred to the family cars by color. For example, they’d say, “We’re taking the “white car” today (versus … Continue reading

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In a Rut

I find myself doing the same things over and over and over — think it’s part habit, part laziness… For example, I’ve:

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Rant #2: An Open Letter to All Retail Employees and Managers

When has the phrase “Have a good one” uttered mindlessly by a lackadaisical employee at the end of a retail transaction become the standard? What ever happened to thanking the customer for patronizing the establishment and spending money there? With … Continue reading

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Rant #1: Bad Customer Service Epidemic

I’ve often been annoyed and amazed at the following situation (and similar instances at other retail establishments): You approach a fast-food restaurant drive-through (other than Chik-fil-A; their employees really are polite). The employee says, “Welcome to XX (their establishment)” or … Continue reading

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