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Fitbit Charge 2 Review: Vastly Superior to Fitbit Charge HR

Second Women’s Kayaking and Hiking Weekend in Brevard: Wonderful Except for the Near-Death Experience

Beware of Thin-Soled Sandals: What to Do When You Get Blisters on the Balls of Your Feet

Amazon Echo Look: The Follow-up to Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot

South American Souvenirs

Weird Vacation Incidents on My South America Cruise

South America Cruise: Ushuaia – the End of the World

The Know-It-All: A Book Review

Kindness Counts: Make the World a Better Place

How to Get a 5 Percent Discount Every Day at Three Popular Stores

South America Cruise: A Day in the Falkland Islands

South American Cruise: Penguin Rookery at Punta Tombo National Reserve, Argentina

South American Cruise: Adventures in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Fun New Fitness Activity: Disc Golfing with Frisbees

I Am the Woman I Am Today Because My Mother…

South America Cruise: Buenos Aires Shore Excursion

Crown Princess Review: South America Cruise

Never Lose Your Keys Again with Tile Mate

Blown Away by January 21 Women’s March on Washington

A Tribute to Amazing Women, Fabulous Females in My Life

12 Inexpensive Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Cat Lovers Unite: Funny Cat  Sayings

How to Find the Perfect One Word for 2017

My One Word for 2017

Mixed Results on 2016 Life Goals

2017 Life Goals

Super Easy Way to Clean a Grungy Tub and Make it Sparkle

Find Lost Fitbit, Get a Free Fitbit Replacement

Weird Solo Travel Experiences

5 Reasons Not to Buy a Car with Black Fabric Interior

Mediterranean Cruise: Lost Luggage Second Year in a Row

12 Reasons Cruises are Better than Land Vacations

10 Good Things in 10 Days

See the USA and Create a Map of All the Places You’ve Been

Mediterranean Cruise: Amalfi Coast and Capri

Mediterranean Cruise to Malta

Highs and Lows of May

A Unique Workout: Adult High Intensity Trampoline Class

Childhood Activities and Smells Adults Still Love

Weight Watchers Now: Wow!

16 Ways to Save Money on Cruises

Mediterranean Cruise: Palma de Majorca

Life Hacks and a Laugh: Three Things I’m Loving Lately – Handy Tank Top Hangers, Suitcase Connector, Fit B****

Finally Finished Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: What an Accomplishment!

Brave Women Go Places Alone

Vacuum Storage Bags Shrink Bulky Items

Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: ALL of Them at Once

Budget Gardening: 12 Ways to Save Money on Flower Gardens and Gardening Supplies

Highs and Lows of March

Decluttering the Kitchen Counter: Weeks 11 and 12 of  52

Thrift Store Treasures #8

Alexa’s Cool New Feature: Get Fitbit Stats on Amazon Echo

Decluttering the Garage: Weeks 9 and 10 of 52

Decluttering the Bathroom: Week 8 of 52

Are Bloggers Narcissists?

Highs and Lows of February

Facebooks New Emoticons: Do More Than Just “Like” a Post

Domestic Decluttering: Week 7 of 52 – Decluttering Pots and Pans

Celebrating Spring in the South with Green Snow

Joining the Uber Craze: My First Uber Experience

Decluttering and Departmentalizing — Week 6 of 52 — Decluttering Jewelry

9 Things People Dislike about Cruises

Decluttering Detail: Week 5 of 52 — Decluttering the Linen Closet

Highs and Low of January

Decluttering the Pantry: Week 4 of 52 Decluttering Adventures

Make a Handy Calendar Pocket for Next Year’s Appointments (5 Minute DIY)

Decluttering Debrief: Week 3 of 52 — Decluttering Under the Kitchen Sink

Edible Fruit Bouquets: They’re Easy to Make and Fun to Eat

Decluttering Declared: Week 2 of 52 — Dejunking the Junk Drawer

7 Things You May Not Know about Fitbit

Amazon Prime on Sale Through Jan. 17 –One Year Membership $73 (Instead of $99) for New Members

Decluttering Debut: The First in a Series of 52 Decluttering Adventures

Fitbling: A Fun Fitbit Accessory

2016 Life Goals

Mixed 2015 Life Goals Results: Some Wins, Some Dismal Failures

My 2016 Word of the Year — and 247 Ideas for Yours

This is SO Wrong! Dec. 31 (New Year’s Eve)

Feel-Good Way to Start 2016: List 200 Accomplishments

This is SO Wrong! Dec. 26

Have a Sweet ’16!

2016 Motto

Highs and Lows of December

Books I’ve Read and Enjoyed in 2015

Find out What Weird and Unusual Holiday It Is and Celebrate It

18 Fun Family Christmas Activities

Holiday Observation #1

All I Want for Christmas is … a Butt Lift?

If You Have Arthritic Fingers, You CAN Wear a Ring Again

Anti Monkey Butt Powder: A Weird but Fun Gift

Highs and Lows of November

Fond Family Memories: A No-Cost Gift for Parents

Dating a Man Who Earns Less than You Do

11 Easy Ways to Express Gratitude

Amazon Echo: An Awesome Gift

FlyLady’s Brilliant but Simple Tips to Help you Become a Neater Housekeeper

20 Things You Can Do with Amazon Echo — the Cool Digital Assistant and Music Player

Online Dating Scams: Scammers are Ruining Over-50 Online Dating!

100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: A Book Review

Aerial Adventure Park: A Unique and Exciting Fitness Experience

Highs and Lows of October

The Incredible Power of Words

Super Fun Compliment Event Fundraiser: Boost Morale and Raise Money

Fitbit Fun: 22 Months Later

An Inspiring Thought about Life

Embarrassing Mistakes: #5 in What Seems to be a Series

Feeling Off Kilter — and Easy Ways to Get Back in Balance

More Adult Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

How to Save Money on Dry Cleaning

Seven Ways I Saved Money in September

Highs and Lows of September

Dating a Much Younger Man

Money-Saving Gift Idea #1 — Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool – only $2.99

Super Fun Fundraising Idea Inspired by “The Donald”

Thrift Store Treasures #7

Make a Customized Gift Everyone Can Use for $1 — in Less than 15 Minutes

Mediterranean Cruise: Souvenirs from Italy and Greece

Mediterranean Cruise: Weird Incidents

Mediterranean Cruise: The $847 Hotel Room

Ode to Lost Luggage

Mediterranean Cruise: Fabulous Venice

Highs and Lows of August

43 Money-Saving Tips

Mediterranean Cruise: Touring Athens

Mediterranean Cruise: A Day at the Beach at Katakolon, Greece

Mediterranean Cruise: A Day in Santorini, Greece, Climbing a Volcano and Exploring a Mountain-top Village

Mediterranean Cruise: An Adventure in Montenegro

Mediterranean Cruise to the Greek Islands and Venice: Off to a Bumpy Start

Vacationing on Your Own: Pleasures and Perils of Solo Travel

Highs and Lows of July

Seven Ways I Save Money in July

90th Birthday Party Gift and Decoration Ideas

Yoga Doesn’t Have to Be Dull: Amazingly Unique Yoga Classes

Treat Your Kids to a Ride on Huge, Automated Stuffed Animals at the Mall

An Over-50 Blogger’s Perspective on BlogHer15

Nine Reasons Why BlogHer15 was Outstanding

What it Costs to Attend a BlogHer Conference

Eight Great Reason to Visit Charleston, South Carolina

12 Ways Drones Are Being Used: Are They Marvelous? Maleficent? Or Somewhere in the Middle?

Aerial Yoga: A Fun and Uplifting Experience

Online Dating Horror Story #7: You Live WHERE?

Why I Love Solo Cruising

Highs and Lows of June

Summer “Keep Calm” Message and Ways to Beat the Heat

Best Purchase of the Year — Flylady Water Bottle

Easiest Recipe on Earth — Crockpot Sweet Potatoes with Butter and Cinnamon

The Secret to Success: Best Workplace Advice

The Jetsons’ Gadgets and Gizmos are Here — and the Future is Now

Thrift Store Treasures #6

Top 20 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

How to Find Your Car After You Park It

Best Work Advice Ever

The Secret of How to Get Others to Like You

Unique Ways to Communicate with Hearing-Impaired Individuals

Top Five Most Annoying Sounds

Simple but Powerful Relief for Arthritis Pain in Your Fingers

Highs and Lows of May

Four Ways I Save Money in May

Five Ways to Get the Most from a Doctor Visit

Favorite Blog Posts from Other Blogs #2

How to Prepare for and Endure a Massive Traffic Jam

What I Learned about Blogging the First Year

Saving Money: It’s Great, but Where Do We Draw the Line?

Saving Money: Why Do We Love it So Much?

A Free Mother’s Day Gift for Mom and a Reminder Sign for You

Highs and Lows of April

One for the Money: A Book Review

April Firsts

Seven Ways I Saved Money in April

A Fun Library Event: Tiny Tim Birthday Party

Walking Clubs: A Great Way to Exercise, Enjoy Outdoor, Meet New People

Thrift Store Treasures #5

Entertaining News Briefs that Don’t Involve Murder or Mayhem (March 19-April 19, 2015)

Saving Money by Doing your own Pest Control

The Alchemist: A Book Review

Mothers: Please Get Off the Phone and Talk to Your Children

Cars that Crack Me Up

Attend Church and Get Free Admission to Historic Sites

Online Dating Horror Story #6: A Walk on the Beach Goes Terribly Wrong

An Easter Aha Moment

Amazon Kicks Off Amazing One-Hour Delivery in Two New Cities! Drones Next?

Highs and Lows of March

A Great Way to Look at Birthdays

Best Advice Ever for Dressing with Class

John Mellencamp Live

Sinus Surgery: What to Expect

Celebrating Spring in South Carolina with Green Snow

Entertaining News Briefs that Don’t Involve Murder or Mayhem (March 8-18, 2015)

Online Dating Horror Story #5: First Date with a Doctor and his Son at a Swimming Pool

Top 10 Reasons to Love Teleworking

Get Through Crises Without Going Crazy: Meet with your Own Personal Board of Directors

Playing with Dolls at Work: A Wacky Workplace Morale Booster

Don’t Lose Your Fitbit! A Fabulous Fitbit Accessory to Keep the Clasp from Opening

Thank a Teacher who Changed Your Life; You’ll Never Regret It

Highs and Lows of February

Two Tough Situations that Everyone Should Experience to Develop Compassion and Build Empathy

Excited to go to Blog Her 2015 Conference in NYC

Valuable Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

Sports and Hobbies: How Many Can You Squeeze into a Lifetime? 79 So Far…

Craft Mania: How Many Crafts Can You Do in a Lifetime? 30 So Far…

Exotic Chair Dancing: Not Your Grandma’s Exercise Routine

The Sisterhood of Thrift Store Shoppers

Warning: Premorse Sometimes Precedes Remorse

Participate in, Attend Listen to Your Mother Show to Celebrate Motherhood

Silly Words that Make Me Giggle and Grin

Memories of Good Times with Tom (We Met, We Laughed, We Acted Like Third-Graders)

Wild and Wacky Valentine’s Day Events Around the U.S.: Don’t Stay Home and Have a Pity Party

What to Pack When You Evacuate

What’s Up with the Pantone Color of the Year — Marsala?

ANYTHING but the Middle Seat of an Airplane!

Where to Get the Best Price Possible on Cottonelle TP

How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Highs and Lows of January

Regal Princess Review: Top 20 Amenities

Ten Reasons Why I Love Scrapbooking

Coffee Virgin: Diet Coke and Wyler’s Light Rock My World

Create a Happiness Jar — and Enrich Your Life in Less Than A Minute a Day

Roundabouts: The Perfect Solution to Relieve Traffic Congestion

Captioned Phones: A Life Changer for Hearing-Impaired Individuals

Ping Pong: Not Ready for the Olympics

More Embarrassing Stories — #4 in What Seems to be a Series…

The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

Pass-Around-the-Office Internet Funnies

Starting a Mothers Group Transformed my Life

Move Without Breaking a Sweat: An Insanely Helpful Moving Tip

The Art Forger: A Book Review

Feel-Good Way to Start 2015: List Two Hundred Accomplishments

My One Word for 2015 is Actually Two Words

I’ve (Finally!) Been Invited to Buy an Amazon Echo

Dragon Boating: A Unique and Fun Team Sport

2015 Life Goals (Not Resolutions)

Make a Quick, Cheerful Spring Wreath to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Other Bloggers’ Great Blog Posts #2

2014 Year in Review

Polga (Pole Fitness and Yoga) Awesomeness

Blog Stats for Thoughts, Tips and Tales during 2014

Highs and Lows of December

Holiday Observation #2

Beauty of an Eclectic  Christmas Tree

Christmas Jumbo Wiggly Eyes: Cute Holiday Decoration Adds Pizzazz

Make an Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Less Than $5

Favorite Childhood Christmas Memories

Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Women who have Everything

Unique Adult Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Fun Christmas Gifts and Activities

Favorite Blog Posts #1

Traveling Solo: Why I Love Princess Cruise Lines

Singing Christmas Trees: Sappy but Mesmerizing

The Joy of Blinging Out with Christmas Jewelry

How to Host a Fun Girlfriends Wreath Making Party

Super Simple: How to Make a Pine Christmas Wreath in 45 Minutes

Record Child’s Holiday Experience in a Christmas Memories Book

Fitbit Charge Review (New Fitbit Product that Replaces Fitbit Force)

Awesome Ugly Sweater Party Clothes and Accessories

Memories of Holiday Mishaps

Highs and Lows of November

Yikes! When did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Start?

Holiday Observation #1

Money Saving Christmas Gift Idea #2 – Zip it Drain Cleaner

Money Saving Christmas Gift Idea #1 – Extend Your Beauty Tool

Celebrating Ten Thousand Blog Hits in the First Six Months

Use “Unpleasant” Credit Card and Earn a Free Cruise

Adult Advent Calendar Gift Ideas

News Updates about Christmas Shopping Bargains

December Daily — a Fun Way to Document the Holidays

It’s a Small World

Amazon Echo: The Coolest Christmas Gift of 2014

2014 Nissan Sentra Review

Fitbit Fun — Ten Months Later

Crytotherapy: Freeezin’ for all the Right Reasons

Thrift Store Treasures #4

October Highs and Lows

Cringe-Worthy Household Mistakes — and Lessons I Learned the Hard  Way

Appreciating the Little Happy Moments

Cute Halloween Window Decorations for Only $1

Easiest Leaf Raking Ever: Use a Jumbo Dustpan

Weird News: Toys R Us Sold Breaking Bad Dolls with Bags of Meth

Things NOT to Sell at a Yard Sale

You Can Make Someone You Love the Best Gift Ever — at No Cost

Quote to Remember

Things I’ve Learned This Week

Thrift Store Treasures #3

The Lamest Newspaper Feature Ever

Paul Revere May Be Gone, but the Music Lives On

Super Thrifty — But These are the Things I’m Willing to Splurge On

Internet  Dating Scams

Public Restrooms: Way Too Many Ways to “Go” and Wash Your Hands Afterwards

Highs and Lows of September

Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

Winner in the “Name My New Car” Contest

Swearing in Blog Posts Doesn’t Make You Look Like a Rebel — It Makes You Look Trashy

Thrift Store Treasures #2: Bare Traps Sandals — Love Them!

Easy Pegboard Earring Holder

Enter the Contest to Name my New Car: Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago — The Aftermath

Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago – Part 1

The Most Horrible Car Buying Experience Ever – Conclusion

The Most Horrible Car Buying Experience Ever

Great Marketing Idea: Spell Words using a Human Alphabet

Confess: How Did You Get Your Name?

Meetup Groups: A Great Way to Pursue Hobbies and Meet New People

Thrift Store Treasures: What I Did NOT Buy

Thrift Store Adventures Save Big Bucks and Count as Retail Therapy, Too

Mishaps and Fun on a Charleston Walking Tour

Boost Happiness: Bring Back Fun Adventures that Fell along the Wayside

Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work — Version 2, Sexual Harassment

Please Don’t Hug or Kiss Me at Work – Version 1, Silly Stories

Antenna Balls:  Finding Your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot

Highs and Lows of August

Doesn’t Everyone Name their Car?

In a Rut

Rant #2: An Open Letter to All Retail Employees and Managers

Rant #1: Bad Customer Service Epidemic

Books I’ve Read and Enjoyed in 2014

Good Gift-Giving Advice

Returning to  Work after Vacation to an Empty Mailbox

Dumb Mistakes – Part 2

Celebrating 5,000 Blog Hits in the First Three Months

Cool Graphics Tool for Bloggers and Others

Thrift Store Treasures #1

Ten Unique Southern Expressions

Charleston Area Bloggers Meeting Aug. 21

Dressing for Summer’s Sweltering Days

Wild Hair

Mother-Daughter Mini-Me Photos

Stand-up Paddleboarding — The Easy Way

Featured on Another Blog, but Kind of Embarrassed

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Cruisin’ Solo and Lovin’ It: My First Guest Blog Post

Take a Load Off Your Seat #2: Adjustable Stand-Up and DIY-Cycling Computer Desks

Weird News in Local Newspaper this Week

Highs and Lows of July

Weird Excuses for Being Late to and from Work

Scaling Blogging Back a Little

Unforgettable for All the Wrong Reasons

Pin It/Clip It to Show Love

The Great Adventure: Writing My First Book

NOT a Happy Camper

The Best Jeans Ever — I LOVE Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

The Only Recipe You’ll Ever See Here

Dilemma: Old Flames in Family Photos

Bad Boss Story #1: Mr. Charming

Hilarious Online Dating Website Photos and Messages

Online Dating: Dealbreakers

Paper Bag Speed Dating — Would You Do It?

Bloggers: Use Your Power for Good

Lingerie Poll

Wonder Why?

 Why I Love Personal Blogging

15 Bucket List/Lifetime Goals Achieved So Far: The Dream vs. the Reality

My Bucket List

Cherished Childhood Friends Provide a Reason to Keep Blogging

Something to Think About for Monday

Twenty of the Best Bargains of my Life

Online Dating Horror Story #4: A Deli Emergency

Online Dating Horror Story #3: Thunder and Lightning

Do-it-Yourself Cooling Towels for Summer’s Hottest Days

Online Dating Horror Story #2: Way Too Hairy

I Adore the Dollar Store

The Ugly Side of Blogging

The High and Low List for June 2014

2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Winners

The Joys of Joining a Book Club

Breakup Advice to Make you Laugh

How to Add a Low-Cost Reading Rack to a Treadmill to Make Walking More Fun

Stand Up Paddleboarding: Testing the Water

Nothing Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP Workout

Funny Friends: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Massages – One of the Joys of Life

Some of My Favorite Products and Services

Online Dating Horror Story #1: Don’t Be Cruel…

Finding Female Friends Online: Don’t Laugh — it Works!

Sorry to Seem Like a Bragger… but Just Had My First Blogging Achievement

Follow-up to Why I Love Weird News Stories: How Weird News Teaches us Great Storytelling | The Red Pen of Doom

Gotta Love Recycling

Easy Ways to Save Money

Cell Phone Luddite: An Occasional TracFone User Explains Why She Doesn’t Want a Smart Phone

First 30 Days of Lifestyle Blogging

Can’t Cure a Magazine Junkie

Zumba® is Exhilarating!

Confessions of an Adult Learning to Swim

What Makes Summer Sweet?

Truth is Stranger than Fiction (People Do the Weirdest Things!)

Decorating Your Home with Extremely Low Cost Framed Prints – Part #2

How to Decorate Your Home with Extremely Low-Cost Framed Prints

Why I ♥ Yard Sales

Who’s That Knocking on my Door?

Reminder Techniques: Which are the Best?

Things That Drive Me Crazy

Three Good Things — a New Twist on a Gratitude Journal

A Puzzling Birthday Experience

An Embarrassing Childhood Story

Nicest Things People Have Ever Done for Me

Great Fundraising Idea: Community Yard Sale

Zip It Drain Cleaner – a Product to Love

Best Summer Camp Ever

Stand-up Computer Desks: Take a Load off your Seat

Taking a Photo a Day is a Fun Way to Document Life

Fitness Fun with Fitbit

10 Reasons to Keep a Sentence-a-Day Five-Year Journal

Simple Life Goal

Victory Log – List Today’s Accomplishments, Gain Satisfaction

Singing the Blues – to Lighten Up and Relieve Stress

“I’m Baaaaacccckkk!”

Clean Shirt or Bust (Bib) — My Slightly Eccentric Solution to Keep Clothes Clean While Eating Breakfast in the Car on the Way to Work

A Great Way to Look at Birthdays

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